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rp_hunterdon-winner-badge.jpgMarie Ande, Her Fitness
13 Stangl Rd
Flemington, NJ 08822
(908) 963-5257
Winner: Trainer
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Fitness should be fun, inspirational and make you feel great – not beat you up, intimidate you or have you doing tons of poorly performed push-ups with bad form! Her Fitness is about creating a supportive environment where you feel comfortable to be yourself and  get professional, top-notch and current fitness coaching techniques so you get what YOUR body needs while staying injury-free.

It is Marie’s goal to help as many women feel great about their bodies through exercise. If this sounds vain to you, think again. When we exercise regularly, eat to support our bodies, rest to recover, manage stress and make other healthy choices we become strong physically and emotionally.  When we are strong, we make a difference in the world.

Marie’s style is to coach you. She motivates, supports, guides and teaches you, NOT to yell and scream. Think of it as group personal training because the exercises are tailored to your level.

They exercises using body weight, dumbbells, bands and other tools in a circuit style fashion. Typically the exercises are timed, whether it be for each exercise you do or for a series of exercises. Everyone works at her own pace and is encouraged to work with excellent form and technique before speed or resistance is increased.





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