Parenthood brings an immense feeling of joy, but the days at home with your little one can be long, exhausting and sometimes lonely. A great way to combat those feelings is to join a parent & me class, which will give you and your baby the opportunity to socialize, meet new friends and learn new skills. There are classes for all ages that allow parent participation, and gives you a chance to create a special bond with your child as they develop and experience new activities. We’ve rounded up a list of options including movement classes, swim lessons, art and music classes and more. Scroll down to see the full list!

Gym & Movement Classes

Gymnastics Unlimited

2 Lilac Drive, Flemington, NJ
(908) 782-8887

Gymnastics Unlimited offers parent & child classes for ages 1-4.5 to develop balance, hand-eye coordination, kinesthetic awareness, and strength to help your child’s overall development. The fun setting gives you the chance to interact with your child and be a part of their success.

Sports Squirts

Woolsey Park, Titusville, NJ
(908) 782-8887

Parent & Me Multi-Sports Squirts is a fun and positive introduction to a variety of sports for young children with the help of mom and dad. Players will have the opportunity to try lacrosse, soccer, t-ball and track & field. With a parent participating by their side, kids will have fun learning the fundamental skills of each sport through fun-based games and activities. This is an excellent opportunity for you to spend quality time together while easing your child into social situations with support and confidence.

Baby Power Forever-Kids

15 Midvale Drive, Pittstown, NJ
(800) 365-4847

The Baby Power classes are parent/child play classes for ages 6 months up to 3.5. Classes include warm-up, mini-gymnastics, music/singing, story time. Crafts and show ‘n’ tell begin at age 2. To ensure each child gets individualized attention, there is an 8 child maximum per class. Siblings are welcome (siblings over 12 months are charged a fee). Free trial classes are offered and make-ups are allowed.

The Creative Kids Club

18 Church Street, Flemington, NJ
(201) 264-9379

The Creative Kids Club offers both structured and unstructured play. There is an instructor led class filled with games and activities and an unstructured, free play period for kids and their parents, which allows them to have fun as they explore different equipment and toys. There is also a creative kids craft time for children and parents where you will be able to use your imagination and creativity to make crafty projects to be used during play time.

Swim Lessons


310 Highway 31 N., Flemington, NJ
(908) 782-4009

HealthQuest offers parent/child swim lessons. Waterbabies is for children ages 6-18 months and is designed for children to become more comfortable in the water. Songs and games are used to encourage social interaction and basic water skills. In this level repetition is key while practicing back floats, kicks, basic arm movements and submerging under water. Tadpole & Me is for children ages 18 months – 3 years old. This class introduces pool safety, floating, blowing bubbles, jumping and kicking on the front and back.

YMCA of Hunterdon County

144 W Woodschurch Road, Flemington, NJ
(908) 782-1030

The YMCA offers parent/child swim lessons. Accompanied by a parent or caregiver in the water, infants and toddlers learn beginner swim skills providing an introduction to the pool environment through exploration and learning while enjoying the water and exploration of body positions, floating, blowing bubbles and fundamental safety and aquatic skills.

Seahorse Aquatic Swim School

1638 NJ-31, Clinton, NJ
(908) 202-2332

Seahorse Aquatic Swim School offers 30-minute parent/child lessons for children ages 4 months – 3 years old. There are up to 10 children in the lesson, accompanied by a parent/guardian. Sign up online.

Art & Music Classes

Music Together Family & Friends

115 Main Street, Whitehouse Station, NJ
(908) 328-9308

Music Together is a music and movement program for families with children ages 0-5 and their favorite grown up. The babies class is a music together class for parents with newborns up to 9 months. There will be singing, playing, experimenting with instruments and movement.

Music Together Flemington

52 E. Main Street, Flemington, NJ
(609) 410-1208

Music Together Flemington offers baby music classes, mixed age music classes and generations music classes. Classes meet for 45 minutes once a week for ten weeks. Visit the website to join a class. You are able to do a free trial class too!

The Paint Party Studio

48 Main Street, Flemington, NJ
(908) 300-6088

The Paint Party Studio offers mommy and me classes in the studio and also offer kids wood home kits to pick up and take home. These are both fun opportunities to bond with your littles and learn to craft while doing it.

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