Top Tips to Stay Healthy This Winter

Top Tips to Stay Healthy This Winter

After the craziness of the holidays and the influx of exposure to large groups of hosting friends and family, it’s easy to get sick and rundown and even easier to forgo your usual healthy routines. To help get you back on track for winter and be your best self here’s our round- up of tips and tricks from ecotherapy to self-care. Make your health a priority this season!

Activity on winter morning

Friendly Reminder to Stay Active

Whether it’s a neighborhood walk with your family or a HIIT workout in the gym, remember to stay active! Keep a workout routine, whatever that may look like for you — 3 days in the gym, 2 days of walks, 2 days of hiking, etc. It’s important to keep your body moving to keep your heart healthy, especially during the cold weather seasons when it’s easy to hibernate in one’s house. Check out our Happening List or our outdoor workout classes to make a routine for yourself or try something new. While it may not look like your usual routine during these holiday months, make time to be active as often as you can with friends and family for added fun!

The Power of Self-Care

Pamper yourself throughout the busy and packed holiday calendar to keep feeling your best! Self-care is not selfish, as said in our piece here. It’s a necessity to keep your mind and body in tip-top shape! Think face masks, extra rest, CBD lotions and oils, loungewear, a spa day, or some retail therapy. What’s not to love? Re-fuel your social battery with any one of those activities paired with a good book, movie, or television show as well. Take some time for yourself this holiday season, breaking away from the schedule to give yourself a treat that you will look forward to each day.

Need inspiration? See our self-care gifs here!


Brave the cold weather to make time for fresh air this winter! Nature can re-energize you to conquer the day, providing a worthwhile break from work or errands. Bundle up with family and friends to go ice skating, walking, hiking, skiing, and more! Check out hiking spots such as Ralph Stover State Park or Ringing Rocks Ramble for an upgraded outdoor walk. Be sure to check for hunting notices and park closure dates. For the snow bunnies, drive to Blue Mountain to get in your first ski or snowboard tracks of the year!

For more ideas, check out our 2022 Outdoor Guide here!

Everything in Moderation

Many temptations come with the holiday season, from hot chocolate to yule log cake. Friendly advice would be to start spacing out your indulgences and avoid overeating all your favorites in one sitting. Avoid shopping on a hungry (or hangry) stomach to not overbuy and take breaks between the first and second courses. In addition, avoid drinking alcohol on an empty tank. We all know how important it is to make sure to fuel your body with protein, veggies, carbs, and fluids.

As you get back into your regular routine it’s, okay to slip up once in a while. Eat what makes you feel good. You can still have treats but moderation will keep you feeling balanced to take on the winter season ahead!

More Ways to Beat the Cold Season

For more unique and fun ways to beat the cold this year, read our article on how to do just that with the help of several of your favorite local businesses.

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