Hopefully warm weather will give your kids plenty of opportunities to play outside lately. But if you still need some suggestions on things to add variety to your days, we’ve got you covered with a live art tutorial, Zoom fitness & costume party, National Burger Day, and more! Do a few, do them all. Let them inspire ideas that work for your children’s ages and interests. And be sure to check out some additional ideas and helpful links with fun activities and educational websites at the end.

Monday, May 25:

You might not be able to celebrate Memorial Day the way you normally would, but hopefully you’re at least able to spend the day together without trying to work or school from home! We suggest grilling and getting outside. Take a look at this article where we shared places to go and activities to do outside with the kids.

If you missed last week’s article of Memorial Day crafts to do with the kids, check those out here (scroll down to Friday.)

And if you have time, have the kids help make an easy holiday dessert like this No-Bake Patriotic Cake or Red, White & Blue Fruit Pizza.

Tuesday, May 26:

Penelope Fox Art Studio in Bristol (a Bucks Happening List Nominee for Kids Party) is hosting a free online character drawing class at 6:45 p.m. on Facebook live!

Practice during the day with the kids by trying some of the tutorials on these drawing sites:

Easy Drawing Guides

Drawing How to Draw

Drawing Tutorials 101

Wednesday, May 27:

YoYo from the popular children’s entertainer duo Lolly & YoYo is hosting a virtual fitness and costume party! Register for the 11 a.m. Zoom session at this link. Kids are encouraged to dress in costume, so stretch out the fun by getting out your dressup clothes, digging through old Halloween costumes or letting the kids raid someone else’s closet to see what silly costumes they can come up with.

Thursday, May 28:

It’s National Burger Day! Celebrate this American favorite with some themed activities like making burgers out of play-dough or this Build a Hamburger Game (a free printable that’s great for young children). For the older kids, let them get creative in the kitchen by baking sweet hamburger imposters like these Mini Burger Cookies or Hamburger Slider Cupcakes.

Of course, you’ll have to end the day with burgers for dinner. Get the kids involved with cooking burgers at home, or order some takeout. Tip: Check out our 2020 Happening List for the Best Burgers in Hunterdon County. (Chelseas Restaurant & Pub was this year’s Winner, and they’re open for takeout!)

Friday, May 29:

It’s a good day for a decadent breakfast! Does your family have a favorite breakfast spot? Are they offering takeout? (Tip: Our 2020 Happening List Winner for Best Breakfast is Gronsky’s Milk House in High Bridge, and they’re open from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. Monday through Friday!)

If you can’t (or choose not to) get takeout, why not try recreating your favorite restaurant breakfast at home?

Here are a few recipes for ideas. Get the kids involved in the cooking whenever possible!

Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes

Strawberry Stuffed French Toast

30 Homemade Omelets That Beat Going Out to Brunch

Bacon Pancake Strips

20+ Kid-Made Breakfast Recipes

Saturday, May 30:

It’s National Water a Flower Day. Flowers obviously need water more than just one day, but hey – we’re all about a theme day. Ask your kids to help you water the plants around the house and yard.

If your kids like crafts, they can make a watering can out of a soda bottle using this tutorial. If they just want to color, here’s a free printable where they can design their own watering can. Or there’s this tutorial on how to draw a watering can.

Sunday, May 31:

With this week’s temperatures, it’s feeling like summer! And nothing says summer like some water play. Get out the water table, pools, sprinklers, etc. Or have the kids make up games with balloons. You could also ask the kids to help you wash your car, or even offer to pay older kids to wash them on their own.

And here are some extra links/ideas to use any day or EVERY day!

Pick a friend or relative to Facetime every morning! Start each day with some connection and smiles.

Local kids entertainers Lolly & YoYo are hosting lots of free virtual events. Follow them on Facebook for details.

Philadelphia Zoo is going live at 2 p.m. on weekdays to host Philly Zoo at 2 on Facebook.

Elmwood Park Zoo is doing live Facebook videos every weekday at 11 a.m. introducing different animals.

Cape May County Park & Zoo is doing daily virtual tours daily at 11:30 a.m.

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50 Plus Indoor Activities for Kids

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