The summer season is bursting with fresh produce, cool drinks and delicious flavors. From juicy watermelon to refreshing cocktails served al fresco with a view, the summer dining scene can’t be beat. Discover the must-visit spots that Hunterdon County has to offer.

Ironbound Farm and Ciderhouse

  2024 Happening List Winner: Outdoor Dining  

360 Co Rd 579, Asbury, NJ| @ironboundhardcider

Ironbound Hard Cider has qualities that are missing from most other ciders — especially those produced by the giant beer companies that control a majority of U.S. cider sales. Recognizing that corn syrup, added sugar, and “natural flavors” have no place in cider, Cameron, the cidermaker, crafts sessionable ciders that celebrate the aroma and flavor of apples while maintaining a flawless balance of acidity, tannins, and sweetness.

Sergeantsville Inn

  2024 Happening List Winner: Specialty Cocktails  

601 Rosemont Ringoes Rd, Sergeantsville, NJ | @sergeantsvilleinn

Sergeantsville Inn is known for their great ingredients that come from local farmers and producers in Hunterdon County and beyond. They serve high quality, nutrient-rich, seasonal cuisine, as well as delicious specialty cocktails. The Ice House, adjacent to the Sergeantsville Inn is a cozy shop with a curated selection of unique wines and liquors from around the world. Enjoy a glass with small bites from the Sergeantsville Inn kitchen.

Food Trucks

A fun way to dine this summer.

Va Fa Napoli Pizza

  2024 Happening List Winner 

Va Fa Napoli is a family-owned pizza food truck based in Hunterdon County.

Tia B’s Street Tacos

  2024 Happening List Finalist 

Tia B’s Street Tacos is a vibrant and authentic Mexican Restaurant that brings flavors of Mexico to the streets of Glen Gardner.

Scoops on Wheels

  2024 Happening List Finalist 

Scoops on Wheels is a mobile ice cream truck based in Flemington, NJ.

Happy Hour Spots

Drinks and apps before dinner? Here’s where to go!

The Pattenburg House

  2024 Happening List Winner
 512 Co Rd 614, Asbury, NJ

Descendants Brewing Company

  2024 Happening List Finalist 
61 Bridge St, Milford, NJ

Finnagel’s Restaurant

  2024 Happening List Finalist 
1531 NJ-31 S, Clinton, NJ

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