It doesn’t take much to elevate your living space. This year’s trends are celebrating timeless aesthetics while redefining the way we experience our environments. We are unveiling the hottest home trends that turn simple into sophisticated and luxurious, while also providing you with local people and businesses that turn your dreams into reality.

Goodbye All White Neutrals, Hello Color

After many years of all-white everything, things are warming up with bold, colored accent walls, kitchens, and entryways. Although the neutrals will still be around, it’s becoming increasingly popular to add color throughout. From soft greens to bold reds, colors are making their way back. The cool color palettes are being swapped for rich, warm colors. The same can be said for exterior paint colors – the darker colors are in, often paired with natural building materials like wood, brick, and stone, giving a beautiful contrast.

Taking Shape With Rounded Archways

Arches and curves have been growing more popular lately, whether it be seen in doorways, furniture, or even in the architecture of the home, they have definitely made their way back in style. Archways can easily elevate any space. It doesn’t have to be a big project either. A lot of people are doing a DIY painted wall arch. We’ve seen it behind desks (pictured below), as a headboard, or on a small hallway wall. It’s an easy way to add shape and dimension, just by using paint.

Natural Wood Elements

Warm, natural woods are a timeless addition that adds sophistication and the ultimate cozy feel to any space. Wood accents add a sense of luxury to your home. It’s incredibly versatile and can be incorporated in a variety of different ways – floors, paneling, window frames, shelving, and so much more. There is so much beauty in wood that is hard to replicate in any other material.


Michael A. Del Duca Painting

 2023 Happening List Winner 
489 W Hill Rd, Glen Gardner, NJ | (908) 537-9482

Paul Hahn Painting LLC

 2023 Happening List Finalist
6 Montgomery Dr. Flemington, NJ | (908) 892-0849


RJO Home Improvements

 2023 Happening List Winner 
(908) 334-6695

Hunt Stonework and Masonry

 2023 Happening List Finalist
(908) 534-2194

Home Improvements

Susan Rochelle, Architect

 2023 Happening List Winner 
252 Rick Rd, Milford, NJ

Apex Home Design

 2023 Happening List Finalist
14 Warren St, Somerville, NJ

Hunterdon Roofing, Siding & Window Company

 2023 Happening List Finalist
1235 Route 31 South, Lebanon, NJ

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