This summer, sign up for Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in local agriculture. By utilizing CSA, you will directly support local farmers, enabling them to sustain their operations and keep providing the community with fresh produce. In return for your membership fee, you will receive a variety of freshly picked vegetables, fruits, meats, herbs, eggs, dairy, flowers and other products, depending on the program. On top of the many benefits, CSA programs also provide a sense of community. As a CSA member, you will have the opportunity to fully connect to the land where your food is grown and the people who cultivate it.

Melick’s Town Farm CSA

170 Oldwick Road, Oldwick, NJ
(908) 439-2955 |

Melick’s Town Farm offers a CSA program from July through November – 22 weeks of your own fruits and vegetables. Participants also receive a discount card that is good on Melick’s fresh produce, including pick your own, all season long. Melick’s is North and Central New Jersey’s largest tree fruit grower and you can expect a large portion of your weekly box will be fruit.

Coyote Ridge Homestead

849 County Road 519, Frenchtown, NJ |

Coyote Ridge Homestead offers a vegetable CSA share. Each week you will come to the farm and pick up 6-12 lbs of seasonal produce. The size is adequate for feeding 2-3 people. There will also be u-pick crops such as string beans, flowers and more throughout the season.

Flocktown Farm

552 Pittstown Road, Pittstown, NJ
(908) 627-4052 |

Flocktown Farm is a certified organic fruit and vegetable farm. They offer home delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables from the farm to PA, NJ and NYC. Once you become a member, you can customize your order, get it delivered and enjoy fresh produce all season long.

Oak Grove Plantation

266 Oak Grove Road, Pittstown, NJ
(908) 782-9618 | Website

Oak Grove Plantation is celebrating its 14th year of the CSA program. All support share holders will enjoy a weekly supply of fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, grains, Cole Crops, and baked goods when in season. 

Old Village Farm

115 Old River Road, Milford, NJ
(617) 645-4087 |

The Old Village Farm CSA program runs from June 5 – October 26th. While supporting the 30-acre historic farm, you will receive local, healthy, seasonal produce grown right on property. You can choose from a 20 week full share or half share.

Peterson Farm

483 Quakertown Road, Flemington, NJ
(908) 878-7303 |

Peterson Farm offers four different share options – full share, half share, personal share and fruit share. Delivery and pick up are both available. Customers sign up and purchase a share at the beginning of the season. They will then receive a box of produce for 20 weeks during the harvest season.

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