Fall is officially here! And while autumn doesn’t typically come with all the fanfare of the holiday season when it comes to decorating, it’s still fun to give your space a cozy little refresh to celebrate the shifting of the seasons.

We chatted with Jennifer Smith Designs, our 2020 Bucks Happening List Winner for Interior Design/Decorator to get her top 6 easy tips on how to introduce the season into your home.

1. Pillows & Throws

Put away your everyday pillows and throws and replace them in the same spot with fall festive ones. (Reminder: Don’t get hung up on if the colors or patterns match, they don’t have to!)

2. Hand Towels & Kitchen Towels

Guests will notice the extra little touches you made to put out bathroom hand towels. Especially now during Covid, stock up on the disposal napkin ones!

3. Cornstalks

Bigger is better when decorating, especially outside. Cornstalks, available at just about any local farm or garden center, are easy to install on any columns, light posts or railings!

4. Gray & White

Gray and white are the hot colors right now … with green right around the corner. (Hint!) If you want to create a sleek clean palette, only use white pumpkins, cotton stick and birch wood.

5. Hurricane Vases

Hurricane vases are inexpensive and can be used for every season. Fill your vases with faux pumpkins…just toss them in, where they land is perfect!

5. Candles

Pumpkin spice, cinnamon apple, warm vanilla … who doesn’t love the scents of fall? Plus, with the sun setting earlier and earlier these days, candles add the perfect touch of cozy light to any space.

After you’ve made these simple changes, it’s time to put on your comfiest sweater and curl up with a cup of coffee and a good book. You’ll be feeling absolutely autumnal.

(Photos provided by Jennifer Smith.)

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