The real estate market has seen some highly unexpected changes and dramatic swings in recent years. Experts in every step of the process, from title insurance to renovations, have been working to manage both buyers’ and sellers’ expectations. We sat down with four local experts to do a deep dive on the topic: 

  • Jacqueline Hillgrube, top-earning Bucks County Realtor® with Coldwell Banker Hearthside,
  • Robin Mancuso DeLuna, title insurance expert, and owner of Cross Keys Abstract & Assurance, Inc.,
  • Linda Wolfenson, Mortgage Expert and VP of Mortgage Lending at Guaranteed Rate,
  • Residential contracting experts Mike DeMaio and Steve Bohn of Milex Residential

The group shared their first-hand experiences about the changes we’ve experienced in the local real estate market, the types of conversations they have with clients about the layers of the market, and how to help clients make the smartest decisions for each individual.

2020 Versus Today

In this conversation between Jacqueline Hillgrube, Coldwell Banker Hearthside Realtor® and her experienced network share an in-depth discussion about the state of the market and cover everything from doing your real estate research to mortgages to titles and even renovations. In 2020 vs today, you will find out more about cash offers, waving inspections, the phenomenon of “sight-unseen offers,” and the repercussions financially and emotionally from this market shift.

Working With An Educated Network

In this market, it’s more important than ever to work with a top realtor who works closely with a network of experts. See here how having a knowledgeable agent with a dynamic and trustworthy network is key to success for today’s buyers.

Experienced & Educated Network Working For You

In the 2022 real estate market, which proves to be competitive and complicated, it is more important than ever to choose an experienced realtor whose network of professionals are working for you from start to finish in the process of buying or selling- or both!

Work Smarter

It can be a challenge to decide what makes the most financial sense when it comes to renovating your current or new home, especially in a high-priced real estate market. In this video, see how Jackie Hillgrube and Milex Residential experts discuss smart renovations. They share their vast experience in determining what makes sense, what increases value, and what the homeowner will be happy with when renovating a home that has already garnered a high price in today’s market.

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