By Michelle Reese

Worried about spending 2 weeks (hopefully not more!) at home with the kids and very limited social interaction? Yeah, so are we. Here’s a calendar with some themes/things to do on each day from March 16 through March 29. Do a few, do them all. Let them inspire ideas that work for your children’s ages and interests. And be sure to check out some additional ideas and helpful links with fun activities and educational websites at the end.

Monday, March 16

Prepare for St. Patrick’s Day by making leprechaun traps! The sky is the limit here as older kids can get more technical with their designs, while younger kids will be happy just decorating a small box with paint, markers or stickers. Tip: Legend has it that they’re attracted to shiny things since they love coins!

Here’s a link to some trap ideas to get you thinking. While those tricky leprechauns are tough to catch, they just might leave behind a few little treats (or a funny mess) in the morning!

Need something else to do? Make chalk drawings in the driveway that will entice leprechauns.

Tuesday, March 17

Put on your green and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! Here’s a link to ideas such as crafts, recipes, scavenger hunts and more.

Wednesday, March 18

Tomorrow is the first day of spring, so let’s dedicate today to winter. Even if it NEVER really felt like we got one this year! Watch a winter-themed movie (hello! Frozen 2 is on Disney+!) and make hot chocolate. (Put an ice cube in it if you like!)

(Photo by Kim Rinella.)

Thursday, March 19

It’s the first day of spring! We’re not going to be able to celebrate with free ice cream and water ice this year, but we can still get excited about the season. If the weather allows, get outside and plant something or at least clean up the yard so it’s ready. Younger kids can help by following along with a small watering can.

If it’s rainy, do a spring craft. Here are a few ideas:

No-Sew Sock Bunny

Toilet Roll Stamp Flowers (Great for those rolls of toilet paper you ran out to buy!)

Spring Tree Craft

Friday, March 20

It’s probably safe to put away most of those winter clothes. Have your kids help figure out which winter clothes should be saved, and which are good to donate. If it’s time to get some new spring attire, maybe give older kids a budget for online shopping. (Tons of stores are offering free shipping right now since store traffic is down so much!)

(Photo by Michelle Reese)

Saturday, March 21

Have bubble time! If you can get outside, blow bubbles in your yard. If that’s not enough to keep the kids entertained for a while, here are a few other ideas to do with bubbles:

How to Paint with Bubbles

Bubble Science Experiment

Exploding Bubble Bombs

20 Bubble Activities Kids Will Love

Sunday, March 22

Go on a virtual field trip! Here’s a link to 12 famous museums that offer virtual tours you can take from your couch. And here’s another list of “field trip” ideas with videos from places like the San Diego Zoo, Yellowstone National Park, and Monterey Bay Aquarium.

For older kids, maybe ask them to do a mini project where they research somewhere they’d like your family to travel when this all clears.

Monday, March 23

It’s World Meteorological Day. Do an activity focused on weather, like this Cloud in a Jar or Rain Cloud Gravity Painting. Older kids could make their own barometer. And if you’re short on supplies, you could always watch this Weatherman episode of Sid the Science Kid on youtube.

Tuesday, March 24

If you haven’t been cleaning along the way, your house is probably getting messy from all the time with everyone stuck inside! Dedicate today to some Spring Cleaning! Depending on their age, give each kid a room or area to tackle. Or make a list of things that they can do, and tell them what they can earn if they complete the chore.

Wednesday, March 25

Get in the kitchen! Have the kids help you go through the kitchen and see what food you have and then either look up a recipe or create one of their own. Older kids can take over the cooking. Younger kids can help with things like stirring, measuring ingredients and reading recipes.

Thursday, March 26

It’s Make Up Your Own Holiday Day! (Seriously, we didn’t make that up.) Have your kids think about what THEIR holiday would be called. Have them do a little research to see if it already exists and come up with ways that your family could celebrate. Then, within reason, go for it! Follow their lead and celebrate the holiday. You could even make cards to give to each other in honor of the special day.

Friday, March 27

Write a book! Talk to your kids about characters, setting and plot. Then think of a story together that you can write out and illustrate. Siblings can work together, or surprise each other by reading each other’s stories at the end.

For younger kids, have fun with letting them fill in words in a story. Read a favorite story out loud, and see if they can “fill in the blank” if you leave out a word. (Either by memory, or let them be creative and make up something new!)

Saturday, March 28

Movie & Popcorn Night. By this point, you’ve maybe watched a lot of movies, but you can mix it up tonight by getting creative with your movie time snacks. Add parmesan cheese, melted chocolate drizzle, or cinnamon sugar.

Here are some links for even more ideas:

Homemade Popcorn Seasoning

50 Best Popcorn Recipes

Puppy Chow Popcorn

Sunday, March 29

Go on a nature scavenger hunt. Yes, the parks are closed, but kids can hunt in your backyard or walking around the neighborhood. Here’s a link to a blog post with a free backyard scavenger hunt pdf.

And here are some extra links/ideas to use any day or EVERY day!

Pick a friend or relative to Facetime every morning! Start each day with some connection and smiles.

50 Inside Activities to Burn Kid’s Energy

50 Plus Indoor Activities for Kids

Fluency & Fitness is offering 21 days of free unlimited access to their site with lessons in reading and math that incorporate movement.

Scholastic Learn at Home – free articles, stories, videos and fun learning challenges

Education Companies Offering Free Subscriptions

Printable Family Chore Chart

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