Paws To Read at Tabby’s Place

Paws To Read participant Lizzie Bruhn with Tabby’s Place resident Riley

Young children might resist reading in a classroom…but put them in a room of cats, and everything changes. Suddenly the kids are reading and enjoying every minute of it! As for the cats, they lap up the attention.

This sweet scene unfolds twice a month at Tabby’s Place: A Cat Sanctuary in Ringoes, NJ. In the sanctuary’s Paws To Read program, kids ages 6-10 years read to needy cats. This benefits the children and cats. Kids who find it hard to read in front of people are happy to read to the cats. Meanwhile, the cats never judge their little friends, and they are very happy to have the company. It’s a win-win.

It’s a heartwarming scene to see kids snuggled up to cats, reading out loud to them. One mother burst into tears seeing her son reading to a cat, since he has completely refused to read otherwise. With his new cat friends, he is not only reading, but truly enjoying it.

Paws To Read is held the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month. If your child, age 6-10 years, would like to be a part of this program, please contact Karina Jewitt at [email protected] or (908)237-5300 x 605.

If you don’t have a young reader, please support Paws To Read by donating to Tabby’s Place at or by mailing your check to 1100 US Highway 202. Tabby’s Place is only able to offer this program for kids and cats thanks to compassionate friends like you.


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