It’s a new season, and with that, comes new at-home #selfcare needs. (Because we could all use a little more self care these days!) The pros at Zanya Spa Salon in Lambertville are here to help. Their online shop offers the convenience of online shopping combined with their expertise. When it comes to skincare, haircare, and beauty products, how do you choose from the thousands of products hawked at mass online retailers?  The Zanya online store seeks to give you the feel of chatting with your stylist or aesthetician – offering thorough descriptions as well as suggestions on how to wear and use the products.

Here are just a few of their latest picks that are perfect for the current climate:

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Focus on the Eyes

In a time where you need to don a mask to go just about anywhere, your eyes are more prominent than ever. We’re seeing a huge focus on mask-friendly eye makeup as a way to express yourself and accentuate the one area of your face that everyone gets to see.

Eyebrows help frame the face, so it’s important to shape, define and fill in your brows. And if you haven’t been blessed with naturally lush lashes, Zanya can help with that, too. As for colors, this season is about experimentation. Find a few shades and finishes to play around with to suit your moods.

Zanya SuperWear Gel Liner

Super creamy, pigmented gel eye liner pencil is the ultimate smooth, smudge-proof easy to apply eye liner formula. Easy application like a pencil & soft texture and long lasting like a gel.

Ecobrow Marilyn Defining Wax

Ecobrow Defining Wax

Award-Winning, lightweight, smudge-proof coloring wax that allows you to achieve beautiful full brow effects. The unique formula blends and diffuses easily into the brow hair, and contains silica for oil absorption as well as nourishing Vitamin E.

Rituel de Fille Ash and Ember Eye Soot

Rituel de Fille Ash and Ember Eye Soot

A magical concoction of intense, smoldering, everlasting color with a rich texture between powder and cream. This unique product is made with pure pigments and oils, and does not contain any waxes—so it will never melt with the warmth of your skin. These unique colors can be worn as a shadow, liner or base.

Zanya Polychromatic Shadow Pan

Multi-dimensional eyeshadow with stunning shimmer. Delivers lasting depth, dimension and a sensual sheen.

Heir Atlier Eye Primer

Keep your cat eyes, smoky shadows and eyeliner perfectly in place (no more smudging, fading or creasing). A high-performance eye primer designed to absorb oil and lockdown eyeshadow and eyeliner. Formulated with skin-loving antioxidants in a sheer peach tint that works with every skin tone.


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Balance Your Mind, Body & Spirit

When stressors in the world around us are at perhaps an all-time high, finding a sense of calm and balance is a goal for many.

Plant Alchemy believes that the power of plants should be accessible to all who are seeking an optimal mind, body and spirit connection. By collaborating with farmers, botanists and experts that share their ethos and mission, integrity is ensured from cultivation to distribution. Plant Alchemy offers a range of premium botanical products that combine the wisdom of ancient cultures with modern science for a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Plant Alchemy Skin Releaf Soap

Help sooth and relieve dry, irritated skin and may assist with issues like eczema and psoriasis. Infused with the superb anti-inflammatory and calming herbs including calendula, turmeric, and chamomile.

Plant Alchemy Hemp Lemongrass Soothe

Crafted in small batches with a mix of plant-based herbs and essential oils intended for the relief of muscular aches, joint pain, cramps, and inflammation.

Plant Alchemy Organic Concentrated Hemp Oils

The non-psychotropic and non-intoxicating oils are intended to provide relief from anxiety, stress, inflammation, and pain.
Cultivated from organic sun-grown flower from Upstate New York. They use all of the plant’s natural terpenes and phytocannabinoids to deliver a full spectrum formulation, maximizing the overall medicinal benefits. Available in a variety of strengths.

Plant Alchemy Migraine Remedy

This all-natural herbal tincture is a plant-based alternative to mainstream pills and capsules that may help to alleviate and prevent brain tension, headaches, and migraines. The herbal formula utilizes the natural salicylates found in the Willow Bark tree combined with other tension-relieving herbs to aid in the prevention and reduction of migraines. Handcrafted in small batches using organic, gluten-free and non-GMO ingredients.

Plant Alchemy Hemp Bath Bombs

Awaken your senses, revitalize your mind, and energize your body. The perfect remedy for a long day of work, a hard work out, or when you just need a moment to your sooth your mind and relax your body.

Zanya Spa Salon offers all of this alongside their award winning in-house treatments, like Pura Luxe Smoothing Treatment, a luxurious aromatherapy steam + custom body scrubs, facials, eyelash extensions and more.

The expert team at Zanya is devoted to your beauty and well-being, whether you are able to stop in for a treatment at Zanya or want to place an online product order.  Products are available for shipping or pickup.

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