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By Jennie Porter

Imagine- you’re scrolling through social media, post after post, like a zombie when…BAM! -an image of a sandwich so beautiful, layered to perfection stops you in your tracks. Suddenly all you can think about is the fastest way to get that sandwich onto your plate, and into your mouth. Here is a list of the best places in Hunterdon County to get your own scroll stopping sandwiches this summer. Whether you’re in the mood for something traditional, or looking to eat outside the box, we’ve got you covered. Planning a picnic in the park? Tailgating at an outdoor concert? Packing your cooler for a day down the shore? These Happenings List winners have everything you need and more:

1. Ye Olde Sub Base (Clinton)- Fresh made to order subs and sandwiches, on fresh bread delivered daily. Try their daily sandwich specials, like The “Big Booper”, or The “Morrissey”.

2. Harper’s Table (Annandale)- Harper’s Table is a family business that  aims to bring the community together through food, drink and friendly service. Their Beet Reuben is a vegetarian take on a classic, with Roasted beets, kraut, gruyere and Russian dressing on toasted rye.

3. Deli Works (Flemington)-  From one very happy customer: “Deli Works has THE BEST subs. Their brisket is incredible, pork is always melt in your mouth, and great daily specials. I always recommend them to any, and every one that knows good food.”

4. Gronsky’s Milk House (High Bridge)- Originally a small convenience and ice cream store, Gronsky’s added a restaurant in 1988 to serve breakfast & lunch. Try their Sweet Hot Chicken Sandwich, and then cool down with one of their many ice cream flavors!

5. 31 South (Lebanon)- At 31 South, it’s clear that customers, and food are valued above all. You don’t need a lot of frills, when the food speaks for itself. One of Hunterdon County’s best kept secrets for sure!


For more Scrumptious Sandwiches:

-Up for an adventure? Check out Middle Child in Philadelphia for sandwiches that pack a punch. Head over to their instagram (@middlechildphiladelphia) for a laugh…and of course, drool worthy sandwich content!

-Trained chef and writer, Marcella Cooking Stuff (@marcellacooking) is constantly sharing beautiful food. The “Sandies” highlight on her Instagram is filled with delicious sandwich combinations you can recreate at home!

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