By Kara Seymour

Picture a sundae but instead of plain vanilla, imagine a generous scoop of cinnamon bourbon, honey lavender or chocolate jalapeno ice cream.

It’s a sundae fit for a foodie and come April, OwowCow Creamery will be tantalizing taste buds not only in Bucks County but also in Hunterdon County.

OwowCow Creamery will open its third location on N. Union Street in Lambertville next month.

The shop, which serves ice cream made from scratch using natural and local ingredients, will be located in a former florist shop near Rojo’s Roastery.

But don’t expect the shop to resemble its former self coowowcowme spring.

When owner John Fezzuoglio began renovations in January, he uncovered the high ceilings and brick walls that have hidden behind sheetrock for nearly 100 years.

He plans to bring the building back to its industrial roots and create a unique and engaging space by “allowing the materials to speak for themselves.”

He will accent the 1930s warehouse with 140 year-old countertops, mid-century stools and a bright color palate. Three parking spaces adjacent to the space will become a small outdoor park.

It’s not just the inside of the space that attracted Fezzuoglio to sign a lease there. He preferred its off-the-beaten path location. “From day one, we’ve never been a Main Street business. An out of the way, eclectic location is intriguing to me,” he said.

OWowCow's Traditional Holiday Spumoni Ice Cream

OWowCow’s Traditional Holiday Spumoni Ice Cream

He relies on word-of-mouth, not prime real estate, to sell his cones.

So far, the approach has been working. His shops in Ottsville and in Wrightstown’s Carousel Village have developed a cult-like following, with newcomers constantly coming to try the unexpected yet delicious flavors that have given the creamery its reputation.

Even the farmer where Fezzuoglio purchases his organic cream can’t keep up. Fezzuoglio has begun to reach out other producers to supplement the demand.

He’s convinced his success doesn’t stem only from having awesome ice cream. “Anyone can make and sell ice cream,” he said, but it’s important that the entire experience be warm and welcoming.

The staff treats all customers like friends and neighbors. By doing that, “we’re able to create this delightful experience on all levels,” Fezzuoglio said.

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