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Marrying the love of your life is about more than a specific date and the many little details that go into planning a wedding. But many couples who had planned 2020 weddings have had to let go of their original wedding date … and the disappointment is real. The Bridal Team at Lambertville Station Restaurant and Inn know just how emotional this can be because while the couple is putting their hearts and souls into the planning, the Team at Lambertville Station is right there beside them doing the same. They want these special days to happen just as much as the couples do. They are working with every couple to ensure they feel safe, confident, and excited to move forward with their plans.

Whether you’re planning a rescheduled wedding, or you’re recently engaged and wondering how to plan during a pandemic, the Team at Lambertville Station is here for you. According to the Bridal Team, “We are still working creatively and empathetically with couples to make sure they have the celebration they deserve and hoped for.”

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 “We want couples to realize that their wedding is more than a date. It is about the experience, and we can help them with that. During these times, you have the opportunity to make the event even more unique and personalized.” ~ Marielle Wolf, Director of Banquet Sales at Lambertville Station

As they continue to work with couples who are scheduled or planning, here are a few ideas the Bridal Team at Lambertville Station shared with us to make the most of this unique time.

Get Creative

Planning your wedding can be stressful, and planning during a pandemic can add to that. But you could also look at this time as an opportunity to make your wedding even MORE unique than you’d previously planned. Do you love to DIY but felt like you didn’t have time before? Are there personal elements you wanted to incorporate into your day but didn’t know exactly how to before? With so many plans on hold for the moment, you might find that using this time to add even more personal touches or making things yourself is an ideal stress reliever (and possible money saver) that can make your wedding more special.

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Bring People Together in New Ways

Even after the pandemic ends and weddings resume, there will likely be health concerns for a while. Lambertville Station has been working with the NJ Restaurant Association on guidelines, updates and safety measures to prioritize the safety of staff and guests while still ensuring that your wedding guests will feel welcome, safe, and have fun!

If you are concerned about missing vulnerable loved ones that might not be able to attend the wedding, the experts at Lambertville Station can work with families to involve those relatives through technology. While they might not be there in person, they can still witness this beautiful occasion.

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Find Alternatives

If the coronavirus derailed your original wedding plans, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have the wedding you dreamed of. 

The most popular option is to reschedule to a later date and keep everything else the same. There is nothing wrong with that! In fact, this would give couples more time to save money and the possibility to add special touches and details to their wedding that they may not have been able to do before.

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There are also couples that are now looking at the celebration as a “Sequel Wedding.” They’re still getting married on their original date (or close to it) in a very intimate ceremony. And then they’ll have the full-blown celebration with friends and family at a later date.

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Whatever the alternatives are, the Wedding Team at Lambertville Station is happy to discuss every possible option. They have the expertise, the location, and the passion to help you figure out and then plan what will work best for you.

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Keep Communication Open

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During this tumultuous time, communication is key. Lambertville Station is communicating with and maintaining relationships just as they always have. They are working along with their vendors to ensure everything goes smoothly, even if plans change.

The Team at Lambertville Station is accepting new inquiries and hosting private tours by appointment only. They are inviting couples to join them for a venue tour and stay for a lunch or dinner date at their historical Restaurant on the property.

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A lot of things are uncertain in the world right now, but don’t stop dreaming and planning. When we get back to gathering, it will be more meaningful than ever before! The team at the Lambertville Station is honored to be a part of your special day. They will do everything they can to ensure that your celebration will be a day and an event that you and your loved ones will cherish.

Lambertville Station is located at 11 Bridge St, Lambertville, New Jersey 08530.

For more information about their wedding amenities, menus and more, visit www.lambertvillestation.com/weddings.

To start planning your unforgettable wedding, contact Marielle
at 609-397-9077 or Marielle@lambertvillestation.com.

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