Social media is one of, if not the most powerful marketing tool in today’s world. It’s a free and easy way to promote your brand to a substantial audience. A large majority of the world owns a smart phone and because of that, there are more people doing a “quick search” online for products and services. Although many people still do a Google search, that often leads to company’s social media sites giving consumers their first impression. As a business owner, it’s critical your social media pages are always up to date, informative, and make a big impact. If you’re looking to improve your social media, we have easy steps you can take to do just that. But first, check out these local Hunterdon County businesses who are nailing it on social:

Hunterdon County Businesses Nailing It On Social Media

Basil Bandwagon




Hardy’s Coffee Bar

Instagram: @hardyscoffeebar

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Social Media

1. Enhance Your Photo Skills

It’s no secret that photography is a very important part of a beautiful social media page. Your Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. might be the first thing that pops up when someone researches your business name on Google. Make a good first impression with captivating photography. Here’s how to do that:

  • Shoot with natural light. This will make for gorgeous images that will portray the true colors of the objects you are shooting and give the audience a realistic image.
  • If you can’t shoot in natural light, use a ring light. Ring lights help to brighten up the space and make for brighter and crisper photos.
  • Take a photo course. There are many free online courses that can give you a few pointers and small adjustments can make a big difference.

2. Engage With Your Audience

A great way to create buzz around your brand or products is to engage with your audience. It’s fun for them and it will help you grow. There are a couple of ways to do this and every business will be different, but here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Create a hashtag that people can use when they take photos at your store or with your product. That way, if they choose to post online using the hashtag, other people who are viewing their image can tap the hashtag and find more posts about your product.
  • Host giveaways or online contest with on your page. People love to feel included and creating a fun atmosphere online can generate more activity on your pages, while also giving back to your consumers.
  • Reply to your comments. It means a lot to readers when the company they support also takes the time to engage in a conversation and answer questions.

3. Produce Value-Added Content

What can you provide to your audience that they can’t get anywhere else? Share your knowledge through the content on your page that leaves your readers wanting to know more about what you can provide for them. If you create content that provides value, people will do one of the following things: go to your website to learn more and inquire about your products and services or save the post and come back for more content, both of which will be beneficial to you and your business.

4. Utilize All Features of Social Media

Instagram, for example, has moved towards more of a video platform than a photography platform. For many years, it was a place where people shared photos, but now Instagram has introduced Reels. Reels are short-form videos that give you the opportunity to bring your brand to life. These short videos are shown to more than just the people who follow you and publishing Reels gives you a bigger reach, which can land you with more followers and engagement. Get creative and use catchy sounds and visuals.

5. Stay Consistent

It’s key to remain consistent on social media to strengthen your brand and build a group of loyal followers. If you want people to keep coming back to your page, you have to show up every day. Like many things in life, consistency is key in order to achieve brand loyalty and repeat readers and consumers.

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