by Jamie Dinardi-Dill

It’s officially picnic season! We rounded up all the tips, tricks and perfect destination to help you set up your picture-perfect picnic.

First, grab a large picnic basket and place a couple of frozen water bottles in the bottom to keep all your food and drinks chilled until you’re ready to enjoy. Now layer your picnic basket with all your favorite foods, placing the heaviest items on the bottom. You can find our pick for a simple and delicious picnic lunch below, and don’t forget to pick up some sweets for dessert! And glam up your picnic set up with a simple floral arrangement. Finally, we picked the best space -with plenty of activities- so you can make the most of your day.

Make sure you have any necessary outdoor plates, utensils and napkins packed and a garbage bag for an easy clean up. Last, don’t forget sunscreen, insect repellent and be sure to pack plenty of water so you’re ready to spend a fun-filled day under the sun and surrounded by nature! You can wrap fragile items in an oversized blanket, perfect for transporting your bottles of sparkling water or any glass items, and then your picnic blanket is packed and ready to go.

Here are the top 4 things you need for your picture-perfect picnic lunch:


What’s a picnic without the yummy food and drinks to enjoy? We included our favorite lunch destinations where you can pick up a casual and delicious lunch. Keep it simple and have everything prepared “to-go” with all necessary utensils so you have everything you need when it’s time to eat.

1.  Ye Olde Sub Base (Happening List Winner)

29 Main St, Clinton, NJ 08809


Sun – Sat 10am-5pm

You certainly won’t get bored of the food selections at Ye Olde Sub Base, as their menu rotates almost every day! However, as “Clinton’s Original Sub Shop”, it’s safe to say that the subs are must-try items.

Photo Credit: Ye Olde Sub Base


The best way to end any meal is with a sweet treat! Pick up a box of sweets for that “icing on the cake” to your picnic lunch.

2. Sweet Melissa and Pasterrie (Happening List Nominee)

56 Payne Rd, Lebanon, NJ 08833


Sun – Sat 8am-5pm

This charming café provides you with delicious French inspired pastries and desserts to end your picnic on a high note. They even have a delightful coffee bar if you’re craving a little pick me up!

Photo Credit: Sweet Melissa and Pasterrie


The best way to step up the look of your picnic is with a floral arrangement. Pick up a simple bouquet of fresh flowers and arrange in a mason jar for an easy way to glam up your picnic set up.

3.  Paper Floral Co (Happening List Nominee)

17 Race St, Frenchtown, NJ 08825


Thurs – Sun 11am-4pm, Mon – Tue Closed

What makes Paper Floral Co unique? Instead of fresh flowers, they create stunning arrangements of crepe-paper flowers so these bouquets will stay “in season” long after your picnic is through.

Photo Credit: Paper Floral Co

The Perfect Location

Here’s the best spot to set up your picnic, surrounded by beautiful scenery and equipped with plenty of things to do to keep you and the family occupied.

4. Sourland Mountain Nature Preserve (Happening List Finalist)

421 E Mountain Rd, Hillsborough Township, NJ 08844


Open 24 Hours

Sourland Mountain Nature Preserve spans 4,000 acres and is the perfect location for scenic views and activities immersed in nature. Follow up your picnic with a nature walk on one of their hiking trails, mountain biking or horseback riding!

Photo Credit: Sourland Mountain Nature Preserve


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