Kev Von Holt (Flemington)


ArtYard (Frenchtown)
Schmidtberger Fine Art Gallery (Frenchtown)
Gallery Piquel (Lambertville)
Haas Gallery (Lambertville)


River Queen Artisan’s Gallery (Lambertville)
Colette Sexton Gallery (Lambertville)
Christine Marx Gallery (Lambertville)
Union Gallery (Lambertville)
Murals and Moldings (Frenchtown)
Somi Fine Art Gallery (Flemington)
Highlands Art Gallery (Lambertville)
Lasalle Gallery (Lambertville)
Barney Stone Glass and Kinetics (Lambertville)
A Mano Galleries (Lambertville)
Robins Egg Gallery (Lambertville)
The Quiet Life Gallery (Lambertville)
Manning Gallery (Lebanon)
The Michael Fratrich Fine Art Gallery (Lambertville)
Bray Studio (Lambertville)
Jim’s of Lambertville Fine Art Gallery (Lambertville)
Wessel and O’Connor Fine Art (Lambertville)
The Jeffrey Meier Gallery (Lambertville)
Focus On Fiber Art (Frenchtown)
Fantasy Fiber Art (Milford)
Fireball xl5 (Clinton)
Social Norm (Flemington)

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