Get active in the fresh air this fall! As the summer heat is fading away, it’s a time when working out outside is less of a hassle. Whether that’s a typical run or walk for you, consider switching it up to take a class outside from cycling to goat yoga! Maybe you’ll end up finding something you really enjoy to add to your workout routine. Check out our list below of workouts to try this fall season.

Run with the River Rats

River Rats Running Club

Frenchtown, Nj

Founded in 2019, The River Rats Running Club was started to bring a community of like-minded runners together, no matter their fitness or running level. The club is just about socializing as it is about running. The running locations rotate weekly between river towns and there are various distances to choose from. Visit their website and Facebook page today to learn more and join the Rats!

The River Rats After a Run Together

Photo Credit: The River Rats Running Club

Goat Yoga is here!

Mad Lavender Farm

452 County Road 579, Milford, NJ 08848

Step out of your comfort zone and try goat yoga at Mad Lavender! Take a stress break and improve or start your practice surrounded by furry-friendly Dwarf Nigerian goats. Sign up for partner goat yoga or sound bath and goat yoga therapy!

Pro-Activity Community

BaseCamp 31

1250 Route 31 N, Lebanon, NJ 08833

BaseCamp 31 is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization or health hub as they say, that acts to remove barriers to physical, mental, and social well-being. Living long healthy lives is a goal here, but also an expected outcome. There are different groups people can join from cycling to rugby. See their membership tiers here and more information on how you can be involved with this group of doers indoors and outdoors!

A running group and a 6 a.m. strength class at BaseCamp 31

Photo Credit: BaseCamp 31

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