Kady Ruth Ashcraft has been making short comedy films for about seven years and performing comedy for over a decade. Her shorts have been featured on IFC, Funny or Die, Jezebel, Women in Comedy Festival and more. Currently, she’s working on a short film that she will be shooting in Lambertville this June.

The Film

“Ramsey” is a whimsical and surreal short film following an optimistic young woman as her reality is constantly denied and her perceptions are tested. When she puts on a production with a cast of antique dolls, she’s shocked to learn she’s the only one not picked up in the TV spinoff. Memory, creative autonomy, and perseverance are all themes throughout the film. While this might sound really deep, it’s also really very funny and lighthearted!

Ashcraft’s team will will shooting Ramsey on 16mm:

“First of all, it looks incredibly beautiful, which is a huge plus. But additionally, I loved the idea of using a physical material, one so tied to nostalgia and memory, to capture this story about a woman taking ownership over her own perceptions.”

The Team

Ramsey is a truly collaborative film between an all women dream team. The producer, cinematographer, production designer, and writer/director are all women, which is incredibly rare. The two main characters will both be played by women. They are fully committed to hiring a diverse and capable crew.

Why Lambertville 

If you’re from the area, you know all about Lambertville’s charm.

When talking about why she chose the town, Ashcraft commented:

“Lambertville looks like it’s right out of a storybook. It’s the perfect backdrop of our whimsical film.”

Ashcraft and her team have been location scouting for months and look forward to showcasing some of the local businesses and their owners in the film.

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Simone Duff, production and art design, location scouting in Lambertville 📸 Charlotte Hornsby

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meeting local shop owners while location scouting in Lambertville 📸 Charlotte Hornsby

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writer and director Kady Ruth Ashcraft location scouting in Lambertville 📸 by Charlotte Hornsby #ramseyfilm

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Your Support

Ramsey is currently 80% funded, meaning that it now has the greenlight for production! But every little bit helps. If you’d like to help support the making of this film, please visit the fundraising page here.

Kady Ruth Ashcraft talks about the project: 

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