Being cooped up caused many of us to dive deeper into our talents. Be it sourdough bread, a jigsaw puzzle or journaling. Out of quarantine has come poets, bodybuilders and now straight from your neighborhood -rock stars.

Did you ever eat something you loved so much it moved you to write a song? Lyrics of country tunes often serenade a bottle of whiskey. Many a tune be it the blues or rock and roll has swooned over beer, red red wine, a cheeseburger in paradise and even black coffee in bed. But how about nachos??

Three local girls, who make up the band Froggy , guitarist/vocalist Morgan (18 years old, Lansdale), drummer Fiona (17, Doylestown), and bassist/vocalist Brooke (17, Lansdale) turned their love of 7- Eleven nachos into a song worthy of the convenient store chain’s attention. “Froggy’s song is over-the-top enthusiastic about their love for 7-Eleven nachos,” said 7-Eleven Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Marissa Jarratt.  “It perfectly personifies our ‘Take it to Eleven’ campaign that celebrates the wild ways our customers make us a part of their daily lives. The music video [that we produced for them] is our thank-you to Froggy for creatively celebrating something we both love.”

The girls began playing together while they were students at School of Rock Doylestown, an after school music program.  Their musical influences include Alice in Chains, L7, Bratmobile, The Dead Milkmen, The Violent Femmes, Bikini Kill, and The Lunachicks. This should let you know their song is not your typical light- hearted commercial jingle. Froggy’s music is loud, energetic, and about to have a national impact.

The female punk trio are the stars of a new music video called “7-Eleven Nachos”, which is based on an original song written/performed by the group, and is being promoted nationally by 7-Eleven across all of its social media channels.

“7-Eleven Nachos” was written by Froggy in the summer of 2020 and introduced at their first live (and socially distanced) performance in October 2020.  They’ve performed the song at backyard and basement concerts around Doylestown as well as at venues in Philly such as FDR Skatepark and PhilaMOCA.  “7-Eleven Nachos” was produced and recorded by their friend Adam Beigler at his home studio in Doylestown, and is part of the band’s debut six song EP Sopa de Elote, which was released in January 2021.

“I don’t know where Froggy would be without the School of Rock program, says guitarist/ vocalist Morgan. “It not only taught us how to be musicians, but how to be performers. SoR (School of Rock) was our entire world growing up and we wouldn’t be having our success with ‘7-Eleven Nachos’ without it.”

Drummer, Fiona adds, “SoR has helped me learn to express myself and make all of the best friends I have today. I was super shy when I first started, but I learned how to reach out to people and to be myself by playing music.”

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