The much anticipated “Golden Club” located on US 22, Whitehouse Station opened its doors October 1, 2017. The “original” golden club was located at 422 US 22, Whitehouse Station, is the only club dedicated to the enhancement of senior life.

Melissa Adams and Darlene Barretti have lived in Whitehouse Station for almost 20 years, raised their children here and been involved with the local schools and sports throughout the years. Now that their children are older it feels like the perfect time to pursue their dream of creating an exciting community for the “Golden Generation”.

Four years ago the pair established The Original Elder Care & Companion business which is so successful it even won the 2017 Hunterdon Happenings Best Senior Care Award. That initial business led them to the realization that there was still a need for a more exciting senior meeting place.

“Both of us have taken care of our grandparents and parents for many years and know all too well of the limited social life older community members have due to various reasons. Some are no longer able to drive, retired and not involved, moved in with family and away from friends, some find themselves stuck within the sandwich generation where their caretaker works and is also busy with children, or maybe they are just plain bored and would love to be independent and get out more. Most do not want to be surrounded only by their own generation but by many generations which is a key ingredient to staying young at heart. We have developed a whole new concept to greatly improve senior citizens quality of life. Having been in the business a while now we recognize that the happiest and healthiest seniors are the ones that get out and continually explore new things whether its a new destination, a new hobby or new friends. Being a valued part of society, gaining independence and being social are huge benefactors to the well being of everyone, especially seniors. The Golden Club will offer all of this and so much more.”

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