From Turkey to Jersey: Paralyzed Istanbul cat finds refuge in Ringoes

Paralyzed cat Anka travelled from Istanbul, Turkey to Ringoes, NJ to find a safe haven at Tabby’s Place

It is 5,059 miles from Istanbul, Turkey to Ringoes, New Jersey.

For one paraplegic cat, it wasn’t an inch too far to find his home.

Anka the cat looks like a magical creature from a faraway land, and his journey has been equally fantastical. The phenomenally fluffy feline was enjoying life in Istanbul until he was struck by a car and suffered a devastating spinal injury. His rescuers selflessly provided for Anka to have surgery, but to no avail; the gentle, green-eyed cat was paralyzed.

Young, healthy, and overflowing with love, Anka should have been just starting a long and happy life. Now, it seemed his journey might be over all too soon.

But there were angels working for Anka on both sides of the Atlantic.

Anka’s Turkish rescuers worked with generous friends in Manhattan to transport the courageous cat. After a flight across the sea, Anka received world-class care from a veterinary neurologist, who confirmed everyone’s fears: he would never walk again.

Permanently paraplegic, Anka needed a sanctuary that could provide for all his medical needs – and give him a whole lifetime of love. And so, Anka’s angels reached out to Tabby’s Place: a Cat Sanctuary in tiny Ringoes, NJ.

Given Tabby’s Place’s history of nurturing paraplegic cats, the sanctuary was able to accept the Mediterranean marvel. Anka made one last trek, to Ringoes. Now, his life of love at Tabby’s Place has begun.

Like all his friends from Istanbul to the Big Apple, the Tabby’s Place team is smitten with Anka. Everything about this brave boy is lavish, from his flowing mane to his gleeful affection to his massive, magnificent body. Anka is such an extraordinary cat that Tabby’s Place believes he may well be adopted. But, it will take an equally extraordinary family to provide for his needs. Anka is unable to use the litter box and needs to have his bladder and bowels expressed three times each day.

A cat of uncommon courage, Anka has no sense that anything is “wrong” or “different” about him. He has inspired admirers over an 8,000 kilometer span, and now he seeks angels in New Jersey. Tabby’s Place requests donations to help provide for Anka’s long-term care. If this brave boy is not adopted, he will have a home for life at Tabby’s Place.

Donations for Anka may be sent to Tabby’s Place: a Cat Sanctuary at 1100 US Highway 202, Ringoes, NJ, 08551, or made online at

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