Zanya Spa Salon brings esteemed skincare brand Biologique Recherche to the region.

Your face is often the first thing people notice about you.

Your skin works hard every day to protect you from infection and other harmful elements, often facing toxins, pollution, sun, and a variety of other abuses.  To achieve a dewy glow, attention must be paid to your regular skincare routine.  Your ongoing at-home skincare game is paramount.  But in a market full of products and a variety of skin care challenges from acne to aging, entrust your body’s largest organ to a skincare professional in order to achieve radiance.

Thanks to Zanya Spa Salon, one of the globe’s most revered skincare lines is now available in your back yard.  Biologique Recherche, the French skincare company that is loved by everyone from Karly Kloss to Jennifer Aniston,  has just launched in the Lambertville, New Jersey spa and salon. Simply put, the phrase “world’s best facial” is the description most often used when describing the French botanical treatments. BR keeps an extremely selective list of partner spas. In fact, devotees used to have to travel to New York City and Philadelphia to get their skin fix.

The Brand

Biologique Recherche was created by a biologist and physiotherapist, married couple Yvan and Josette Allouche, as a personalized method of active skincare using high concentrations of natural ingredients such as collagen, peptides, fatty acids and elastin. Everything is designed to help keep the face lifted and toned. One of the main concepts behind the brand is that there aren’t just a few skin types, and that skin is an ever-changing, living membrane that requires unique, personalized care.

You aren’t going to find artificial fragrances, preservatives, or labels such as “For Dry Skin” on these products. The Biologique Recherche brand takes a clinical approach to beauty using pure, concentrated and raw ingredients. Many of the ingredients come from organic farms in France. And it’s so highly customized that your treatment might change every time you visit the spa. In fact, the creators have said that they want aestheticians to “write prescriptions” for the products.

The Treatment

Anyone that has had a treatment at Zanya Spa Salon knows that it’s an incredible experience. But a Biologique Recherche facial is going to be different than anything you’ve had before…anywhere. For one thing, the treatment is done with only cold water. No steam here! All of the products are cold formulated to preserve the efficacy of the ingredients. And while hot water can strip your skin of important oils creating a drying effect, cold water causes the blood vessels to contract and dilate. It’s also very anti-inflammatory and really firms up the skin. The end result is the glow that Biologique Recherche has become known for.

Your aesthetician will start your treatment by examining your skin and asking you a few questions. While you might be used to just getting your “usual” if you’re a regular to facials, a Biologique treatment is catered to the state of your skin on that day, every time. The aesthetician will put together the perfect combination of P50 (the brand’s iconic chemical exfoliant, of which Zanya carries six versions), masks and serums fully customized to you.

Obviously, the products are incredibly important to the treatment, but the way the aesthetician works on your face makes all of the difference. Many other facials consist of steam treatments, scrubs and extractions, but Biologique Recherche doesn’t use any of that. Instead of manual exfoliation, the brand relies on chemical, herbotanical processes. This might sound like hyperbole, but a Biologique Recherche facial can be described as the closest you’ll get to a facelift without actual surgery. The patented techniques include a series of pinching, pulling and fast repetitive movements that have been designed to boost lymphatic drainage, reduce puffiness, sculpt the muscles, tighten the skin and LIFT. Your aesthetician will perform the treatment on one half of your face and then the other. Trust us, you’ll want to grab a mirror in between sides. Even if you thought your face looked decent when you walked in, it’s going to look dull and droopy compared to the side that is now plump, lifted and radiant. (Don’t be surprised if you get comments on that GLOW for the rest of the day!)

The Lifestyle

A Biologique Recherche facial is special in that you actually DO leave the spa looking different from when you arrived. But the real “magic” happens when you use the products and receive the treatments on a regular basis. If you’ve received other facials, you’re probably familiar with extractions and other invasive procedures. For some people, these work well. But they rarely do anything to PREVENT breakouts from occurring. The acids and botanicals used in Biologique Recherche products naturally loosen the blackheads and with routine use, actually prevent future breakouts. Combined with the patented massage techniques, you’re training your skin to be healthier and your face to have a tighter, more toned appearance. There might not be a “gym” for your face, but Biologique Recherche is probably the next best thing.

Zanya Spa Salon is located at 287 South Main Street in Lambertville. To find out more or book an appointment, call (609) 773-0770 or visit


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