IMG00602-20110925-1330-600x450It’s no surprise that Two Buttons, a “warehouse of wonders” in Frenchtown, NJ, was inspired by years of travel by best-selling author Elizabeth Gilbert and her husband, Jose Nunes.  A trip to the store is an exotic adventure in itself.

Millions fell in love with Gilbert while accompanying her on a global journey of self-reflection in Eat, Pray, Love.  If those fans were to visit Two Buttons, they’d be taken on another global journey, but this time told by objects rather than words.


Together, we have more miles of travel behind us than your average astronaut, but our favorite place in the entire world is Frenchtown, New Jersey, which is why we’ve settled here for good.

The expansive warehouse is covered floor to ceiling in a wide assortment of unique products- handmade art, intricate jewelry, ties & scarves, even musical instruments like xylophones.  One could easily spends hours exploring the rows of treasures from around the world.


Given that there is so much dubious business in the world of antiquities, then, our strict policy is that we don’t buy ANYTHING until we’re absolutely certain that it’s…totally beautiful. (OK…to be perfectly honest, sometimes, we buy things that are only semi-beautiful, because we have been completely charmed by the person who is selling the object to us. It’s all part of the romance.) Therefore, we swear that all these objects are either totally beautiful, or that they were sold to us by devastatingly charming people.

With an in-demand local antiquing scene, Two Button’s could no doubt mark products up to reflect the pursuit of such rarities. However, Two Buttons’ prices are in direct proportion to the actual prices paid for the object, promising to pass along the good fortune of a bargain. I was surprised to find many of the objects that caught my eye within budget.

Heightening the experience is a welcoming staff offering complimentary wine and popcorn.

“Do you sell wine?” I asked, assuming an ulterior motive behind the cup of red wine being handed over.

“No. We aren’t allowed to sell it here; we just like to give it to customers.”

Ganesh: The Hindu God of Success

Ganesh: The Hindu God of Success

To get a sense of the many items available for sale at the store, check out photos from customers showcasing Two Buttons’ eclectic products in their new homes.

As for us, we brought a little good luck home with us…

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