by Edie Weinstein

Glenn Davis has been helping Hunterdon County residents’ dreams come true for 18 years.  Now, it’s time to dream bigger.

After more than a decade spend serving the Hunterdon County community at his Lambertville location – 24 Arnett Avenue, Ste 117 – Glenn Davis is preparing to celebrate the Grand Opening of his second location at 110 Main Street in Flemington on Thursday, July 20th from 4:30-7:30 pm.

Glenn’s dedication to supporting clients in securing their ‘home sweet home’ is inspiring and only one of many reasons his mortgage banking business is such a success.

Serendipity played a role when Glenn ran into a friend at a cocktail party who encouraged him to “take the jump from publishing to mortgage lending.” He entered the world of mortgage banking in 1998 and later became a Branch Manager of Benchmark Lending.

He explains that the expansion to Flemington is a “natural progression from the first office” as business continues to expand throughout Hunterdon County. The ribbon cutting ceremony will occur at 6pm, with the President of the Chamber of Commerce, the Mayor of Flemington and members of City Council in attendance.

For so many people, finding their way through the maze of home ownership can be daunting. Glenn simplifies the process by reminding the client that communication is essential.

A key to success at Benchmark Lending is clear and thoughtful communication with clients. “Our communication is excellent. We meet with clients before the purchase and hold their hands from start to finish. It comes down to the idea that who you are working with makes all the difference. It’s not just about the rates, but also about the process and getting things done in a timely fashion.”

What goes into the decision to buy a home, whether it is the starter home, one for a growing family or downsizing later in life, is “the natural progression of being an adult, which may involve graduating college, getting married and having the home with a white picket fence. It is the circle of life, perhaps kids are in college and there is the empty nest. The American Dream of home ownership is still attainable.”

Glenn reminds us, “There is financial advantage, with tax breaks received and equity built. For many people, their most valuable asset is their home.”

The Benchmark Lending team works with clients to help them articulate their goals and design a mortgage program that achieves those goals, complementing the stability of the client’s personal financial strategy.  He maintains the ‘go the extra mile’ ethic is part of who he is. A mission rings true with a statement found on Glenn’s website – “If you’re working, I’m working.”

“I had my first job at 12 for $1 an hour. I’m now 48. My parents instilled in me that if you work hard, you get rewarded. We make every effort to satisfy people.”

When dealing with something as important as purchasing a home, Glenn and his team are always willing to go above and beyond, “I’ve spoken with clients on a ski lift on a Sunday, a hot tub on a Saturday, or by the pool on vacation on Paradise Island.”

It’s no surprise that Glenn has repeatidly taken home top honors in the Hunterdon Happening List competition in addition to being recognized as a top local Mover & Shaker.  Glenn knows that truly great services goes well beyond navigating the complexities of securing financing for a home. “It’s not [just] about rates, but about emotions.”

He recalls the story of a single mom of three who had just purchased her first home at 40. “It was a Hallmark moment. She had a really tough life. We carried her through an emotional roller coaster. When we got done with closing, she posted on Facebook. She couldn’t believe she could actually buy a home.”

Glenn adds, “Since we are dealing with people’s emotions, sometimes we need to walk clients off the proverbial ledge. Folks come back to us. With every challenge, there has to be a solution.”

He takes a rare approach with clients, as they go beyond the financial to the envisioning of what they want. “One of my beliefs is that it’s not about buying house today and closing in August. The question is, is it going to be affordable 3-5 years from now if one of the couple isn’t working? Reality is, the world of lending can be crazy and we can approve people for more than they want to spend. Our responsibility is to know how people can afford the home that they are moving into.”

And it’s no surprise that business continues to flourish in Hunterdon County as more than 50% of their new business comes in from referrals from past clients.

The stream of stories that spill out of Glenn as he discusses his business are a true testament to how much he cares about every client.

“We have those with ‘single mom syndrome’ – bad divorce, two or three kids, husband disappeared and she is now buying a home on her own. There are young couples recently married, moving out of the apartment and then taking next step. They may have the notion it will be painful and then walk away 30-60-90 days later and find the opposite is true,” as they enter into their new home.

It is the simple things in life that motivate Glenn both inside and outside the office – time spent with good friends, family, and community  – at home with a “good red wine and a nice thick steak” or donating time to causes close to his heart.

Glenn is on the board as a volunteer for Fisherman’s Mark. “A portion of every closed loan is donated to Fisherman’s Mark. It was founded to address educational, employment, nutritional, and life skills needs of those not effectively served by existing organizations. The premise is to help all who presented with a need, and, because there were no income or demographic requirements, no one will be turned away.”

Glenn is also on the planning board in Lambertville, as well as the current President of the Delaware River Towns Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau, which he dedicates dozens of hours to each month.

Although Davis asserts that “buying a home is not a 9-5 process,” both offices are open during those hours 9am to 5pm from Monday to Friday.

“The office is a showcase in that your experience will be unlike any other mortgage office. We truly view you as a client for life and treat you that way from the moment we meet you. Our desire is to put the person into a home with the correct product, program and rate to meet their needs of today and for the future.”

His team of aces includes Senior Processor Nancy MacKenzie, Production Partner Wendy Whittaker, Operations Coordinator Tara Sullivan, and Operations Assistant/Office Manager is Joanne Doherty. Between them they have 80+ years of experience.

The community is invited to learn more about Benchmark Lending and celebrate the official Grand Opening of their second location at 110 Main Street in Flemington on Thursday, July 20th from 4:30-7:30 pm.



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