Three Authors to discuss Work. Food. Life at Or Chadash

Author Trifecta! Join authors, colleagues and friends Lauren Smith-Brody (The Fifth Trimester), Caroline Campion (The Dinner Plan and Keepers), and Elisabeth Egan (A Window Opens) as they share their stories with us. Food tasting from The Dinner Plan begins at 10 AM, author discussion at 10:30 AM. Books available for purchase and signing. Open to the community. Please join us.

The three authors are colleagues and friends–at one time they all worked at GLAMOUR magazine. Liz is currently the book editor, Lauren was the Executive Editor and Caroline was a Contributing Editor. They have all taken different paths and have each written a book–or two. “The morning and evening rush can be pure chaos for moms. Liz, Caroline, and I all wrote books that get you through those ‘bookends’ of your day. Liz wrote her hilarious and heartfelt novel largely during her daughter’s early morning swim practices and on her NJT commuter train. Caroline’s recipes are brilliant for families with staggered dinnertimes, and my research for new moms help you negotiate everything from flex time to who’s making the bed every morning,” said Lauren Smith-Brody, author of the Fifth Trimester.

Between juggling work, family activities, mismatched schedules, and often bare refrigerators, there are all sorts of situations that make weeknight cooking a universally challenging—and frustrating—experience. The Dinner Plan offers five meal strategies—Make-Ahead, Staggered, One-Dish, Extra-Fast, and Pantry—that will help get dinner on the table no matter what the workweek throws at you. The 135 recipes—from main dishes to sides to salads and “lifesaver” condiments—provide lots of practical options whether time is super-tight, you haven’t had a chance to run to the store, or everyone is coming home at a different time. Rounded out with plenty of tips and a bonus section on healthful snacks called The Forgotten Meal, The Dinner Plan is every home cook’s indis­pensable weeknight dinner guide. Caroline Campion lives in Gladstone, NJ.

Liz Egan lives in Montclair, NJ and wrote her novel, A Window Opens, during her child’s early morning (5 AM) swim practices. Alice Pearse, the compulsively honest, longing-to-have-it-all, sandwich generation is the heroine of her book. She is a mostly-happily married mother of three, an attentive daughter, an ambivalent dog-owner, a part-time editor, a loyal neighbor, and a Zen commuter. She is not: a cook, a craftswoman, a decorator, an active PTA member, a natural caretaker, or the breadwinner. But then her husband makes a radical career change….

Lauren Smith-Brody’s The Fifth Trimester is your new best friend: a brilliant, tells-it-like-it-is guide that helps moms cope with the demands of the real world after the baby arrives. The first three trimesters (and the fourth–those blurry newborn days) are for the baby, but The FIfth Trimester is when the working mom is born. No matter what the job or how you define work, you’re going to have a lot of quesitons. How can I achieve 50/50 at home with my partner? Like What to Expect When You’re Expecting and The Happiest Baby on the Block, this is an indispensable guide every new mom needs on her shelf.

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