kathleen downeyDon’t let the upcoming holiday season derail a healthy lifestyle!

Kathleen Downey – a wellness counselor, nutritionist, and the author of Healthy is Delicious – will be at Liberty Village Premium Outlets on Saturday, November 23rd from 1pm to 4pm.

Kathleen helps her clients overcome Allergies, Chronic pain, Chronic fatigue, infertility Challenges, Fibroid Tumors, CFS, Lyme Disease, Environmental health related issues, candida ablicans, weight loss and dietary struggles, depression, anxiety, drug or alcohol dependencies, relationship struggles, difficulty in communicating, career changes or challenges, grief and loss.

healthy is delicious

Healthy is Delicious recipes are all vegan and grain free, (grains have been reported to cause mucous – if you have inflammation you may want to cut back or eliminate) dairy free, wheat and gluten free, meat free, sugar free and soy free. They are easy to make and packed full of the enzymes our bodies need to support the breaking down of proteins that free our bodies from allergies, debilitating arthritis and illness.

Kathleen will share how to use non-toxic LeCreuset Stoneware and Cast Iron cookware to live a healthier lifestyle.

Light refereshments will be provided by local favorites- Teaberry’s and the Little Italian Bakery of Flemington.

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