Did you know there was a World Elephant Day? This year on August 12, New Hope and Lambertville will be all about these gentle giants.

Elephants DC will host a public demonstration in New Jersey and Pennsylvania to garner public support for two longstanding pending measures in favor of protecting elephants from cruelty and extinction.

The event begins at noon. Marchers will proceed from Lambert Lane to Bridge Street and then proceed onto the New Hope–Lambertville Bridge, crossing into Pennsylvania, and entering New Hope, where the procession shall conclude with a peaceful rally featuring advocacy call-to-actions. There will also be local food & live music.

Organizers are calling on New Jersey and Pennsylvania to lead the way to elephant protection by supporting #NoseysLaw to prohibit people from hurting captive elephants, who are wild-at-heart, by forcing them to perform in unnatural, inhumane shows.

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