New Plans for a Distillery in Frenchtown

by Elizabeth Rooney

Founder Jonas Koep

Founder Jonas Koep

Frenchtown, New Jersey is known for being a cool and quirky town right along the Delaware River. Frenchtown not only offers a warm small town feel, it’s filled with unique shops, local ingredient restaurants, and of course, a beautiful view.  Jonas Koep is a partial owner of Freedom Art & Music Gallery, located right in the heart of Frenchtown, “Local Art. Local Music. Local Love.” is what they stand for and Jonas Koep, a Frenchtown native, plans to bring just that and a little more into a new business. Jonas and his expert team are working hard to present a plan to the board to open a distillery right here in Frenchtown.

Koep’s plan for a distillery will not only keep business booming in Frenchtown, but it will attract new friendly faces to this beautiful town. If all goes well, you should expect to see an opening around Summer 2016. The distillery will be serving up vodka and gin. In the future, Koep hopes to bring reserve whiskey into the mix as well. Tours and tastings are in the plan, along with a sculpture garden with picnic bench seating to enjoy the sites of the town while sipping on locally distilled drinks!

Jonas Koep wants to bring a great affordable product to his town. “I want to keep the format true to Frenchtown; organic, holistic, and strong roots. This cool, quirky, feel good town would benefit from a distillery. It will attract new comers and keep small businesses afloat, which is something we all like to see in Frenchtown”, states Koep.

“This business will be a labor of love and will add vibrancy to Frenchtown, as a community we will all benefit from this”, states Koep. So spread the word, support local businesses, and get excited! Because if all goes well, this time next year you will sipping on one of New Jerseys finest distilled liquors right in your backyard!



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