Create Your 2017 Vision Board

Oprah Winfrey does it. Steve Harvey and Jim Carrey told Oprah that they do it too. What do all these majorly successful people do? They create vision boards.

Vision boards are a visual representation of your goals. In this hectic world where we can get easily distracted, vision boards serve as a tool to remind you what is important to you.

Vision boards work with a part of our brain called the Reticular Activating System (RAS). Discovered by Giuseppe Moruzzi and Horace W. Magoun in 1949, the RAS acts as a big filter that regulates information coming into the brain. Think of it as a big spam filter for your brain. You probably have experienced your RAS at work when you’ve gone car shopping. Let’s say you’ve always driven a Toyota, but now you are interested in a Ford. A Ford Fusion to be exact. So what happens? All of a sudden you see Ford Fusions everywhere. You’ve never noticed all these Ford Fusions on the road before. Why do you notice them now? It’s just because you have alerted your brain that you are interested in Ford Fusions. So the part of the RAS that controls what kind of cars you are interested in will now be open to letting Ford Fusions come in. Vision boards work your RAS.

January 14 is National Create a Vision Board Day. Want to make one in Hunterdon County? Join Karen C. Auld at Flemington DIY, 90 Main Street Flemington from 3:00 – 5:30 pm.

Karen C. Auld is a WAIT Loss Coach. No, this is not a typo. As a corporate consultant and certified Success Coach, Ms. Auld helps people conquer procrastination. Her signature WAIT Loss program is a transformative four step process that provides a structure for people to do the inner work to get the outer results.

Ms.Auld is also the developer of the affirmation and goal setting app, Soul Goals Plus.


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