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Speaker Stephen Lovatt Being Gay and Catholic Host by LGBTQ Support and Social Group USA
Oct 24 @ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Being gay and Catholic

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Brief biography:

Stephen Lovatt has a Doctorate in theoretical physics from Bristol University.

He became a Roman Catholic in 1979 while studying at Cambridge University.

He self-identifies as a Traditionalist rather than a Progressivist.
He has self-identified as gay since 1993, when he fell deeply in love with a young man, Paul, at Bristol University.
He transferred his membership to the Greek Catholic Church in 2012.
[The Greek Catholic Church is in full communion with the See of Rome.]
He has published a number of books on theology and philosophy,
in particular “Faithful to the Truth: how to be an orthodox gay Catholic.”
He lives in Cheltenham, England with David, his long-time civil partner, who is also a Catholic.

Synopsis of presentation:

1. “Who am I?” my brief life-story.
2. Sacred Scripture and homosexuality: Leviticus, Sodom, David & Jonathan, The Centurian and his boy, St Paul.
3. Sacred Tradition and homosexuality: St Augustine, St Gregory, St Aelred, St Thomas Aquinas.
4. The Vatican’s present-day official teaching regarding homosexuality.
6. Pope Francis and homosexuality.
5. How to deal with a confession.


Followed by questions.  OCT 4 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm go to this URL https://bluejeans.com/600548459 or go to www.lgbtqsupportandsocialgroupusa.com then click on the virtual meeting.